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Mariko Bag is the accessory of an alternative lifestyle. Puts emphasis on uniqueness and personality. Encourages you to travel, to take part in adventures and to explore new places. It does not conform to the norms of seasonal fashion, but inspires the user to define their own style. Accentuates functionality. Adores nature. It’s your partner in new adventures.

Made from natural and recyclable materials it has an inclination towards traditional values, using local traditions with devotion, but at the same time keeping its own functionality and aesthetic value. It’s manufactured from local traditional materials as woven fabric, felt, leather, canvas, lace. It strives to redefine popular motifs, to find those popular motifs that harmonize with modern forms. It’s flexible and leaves space for change.

The Marikó Bag was created while thinking of you.

Abby BP


Retro style for the new school year. ATTENTION GIRLS! It’s time to liven up your wardrobe with a new piece- start with this retro style accessory.

A backpack in the style of a traditional schoolbag. heart



Dear good Ellen, one of our favorite backpacks. The ideal size for an average day. Made from waxed sailcloth and vegetable-tanned hard cowhide, it has true vintage style. Under its zippered lid, the bag holds your smaller laptop and other supplies. The safety clip on the shoulder strap makes the bag anti-theft. A bag you can count on for years to come: the most loyal friend ever-ever-ever.

Made in a Transylvanian manufactory with careful love.

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