Big Size Multifunctional Hip Bag HassTass

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If you don’t carry too much stuff with you, but more than your wallet; if you run around by bike, public transport, car, on foot and you like to feel comfortable in all cases - we have created a multifunctional storage for you, which can be: a belly bag, you can carry it on your back, it can be a belt bag or even hang on your shoulder. Made of waxed sailcloth, decorated with colorful synthetic straps to brighten up your day.

Size: 34x22cm-es, cylindrical

Material: waxed canvas, synthetic straps

Features: a cylindrical zipped compartment, an external zipped pocket

  • Width 34 cm, height 22 cm, thickness 12 cm, cylindrical
  • Volume: 2 L
  • Waxed canvas, synthetic straps
  • Made in 6 color combinations

When placing your order, please specify the color combination you have chosen.

Cleaning instructions:

The leather parts don’t need a special cleaning method. Protect them from water and if necessary rub them over with dry cloth or a soft brush.

When cleaning the canvas, try to protect the leather parts. You can easily do so by covering them with self-adhesive tape.

Rub over the dirty parts of the canvas with detergent diluted in water and then wash he detergent off with a short jet of water. Don’t submerge the product in water!





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